Hanging around Sydney’s Surry Hills, Morgan’s playful, vintage-street inspired outfit was spotted and the vibrant red details probably helped.


Pulling Off Recycled Fashion

The mixture of high-end clothing and street wear can often be difficult to perfect. In the end, it’s all about finding the right balance. The combination flexes the flashy stiffness of the formal items and  spruces up the relaxed nature of casual pieces.


Putting the Street, in High Street

Monochromatic clothing is a very popular choice throughout all seasons, and especially in the winter months.


Spotted: Amanda & Hannah in Chippendale

When we caught Trent lurking around streets of Newtown with his mates, we asked him how he would describe his style. He told us he was a “lovely looking fella” whose style is “trendy, funky and chill.”


Trent | Newtown

It is definitely tempting to leave the house rugged up in your warm pyjamas, especially in the middle of Winter. However, Lauren did not seem to let the weather compromise her style.


Meet Lauren

What first caught our attention with James was his ability to pull off the often-doubted combination of socks and sandals. By pairing black socks with Adidas slides, completed with a simple monochromatic outfit, James screamed trendy and comfortable. 


Socks and Sports Sandles...So Surry Hills

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It's Out

  • Rumour has it that Prince Wine Store are opening their very own bar! 

  • Brisbane's famous Mister Fitz's Ice-Cream is coming to Sydney!

  • The Dolphin Hotel Surry Hills is getting a revamp, under the guide of chef Maurice Terzini!

  • Kensington Street has a new bar! Make sure you check out Bar Chinois

  • Brisbane's favourite burger joint Ze Pickle is moving to Surry Hills.  

  • Brand new rotisserie has opened in Hunter Hill, make sure you check out Via Napoli - Giarrosto

  • Get set for Glebe's inaugural Coloursound Festival this Easter long weekend! 

  • Semi Permanent has announced their 2016 line-up. 

  • Check out Surry Hills' newest concept Cafe Rumah, a place where Malaysian food and fashion meet. 

  • Barangaroo's first permanent restaurant is now open! Check out Efendy Turkish today!

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