Why you should see Real Bodies

A world-renowned exhibition seen by millions worldwide and featuring more than 200 real anatomical human specimens opens in Sydney this weekend.

Real Bodies The Exhibition, a stunning and thought-provoking exhibition of human anatomy, opens at The Byron Kennedy Hall at the Entertainment Quarter on Saturday 14 April for a limited time. 

This powerful exhibition explores life by displaying real, perfectly preserved human bodies and more than 200 anatomical specimens.

Through a compelling narrative that contemplates both the wondrous mystery of the human anatomy and the philosophical realities of birth, life and death, Real Bodies The exhibition will connect audiences to a deeper sense of what it means to be alive. 

The exhibition transforms the way we view the mysterious organism we all share - the human body - and reminds us of all the complexity and magic within us that we often take for granted.  Real Bodies digs deeper into the beauty of the body, mind, and soul than any other exhibition of its kind, and invites you to explore the entire human experience from the first breath to the last.

Real Bodies consists of 10 galleries that offer unique perspectives on human anatomy and its importance to world cultures as well as the emotional expression embedded in each of our physiological functions.  Galleries consist of subject matter such as “Breathe” exploring the respiratory system, “Rhythm” revealing the delicate interconnectedness of the circulatory system, and “Love” presenting the science of physical attraction.

The exhibition is the next in a successful recent lineup of Australia Exhibitions from Imagine Exhibitions, producers of the recent Titanic: The Exhibition at the EQ in Sydney and Jurassic World: The Exhibition in Melbourne.  Those two exhibitions drew a combined audience of more than 550,000 guests.

Imagine Exhibitions president and CEO Tom Zaller said Real Bodies also looks far beyond the physical aspects.

“It explores the symbolic and cultural significance that bodily systems – such as the nervous system or circulatory system – have had from the beginning of time, and questions why we do what we do and how we do it.  Whether or not a visitor is spiritual, they’ll emerge from Real Bodies The Exhibition with a sense of greater connection to the whole of humanity.”

Real Bodies: The Exhibition opens Saturday 14 April at Byron Kennedy Hall, EQ, Moore Park.