Where You Should Study...Hint Not at Uni

Sitting in the Uni library while listening to the guy next to you blow his nose is not best way to work.

So, when you’re dosed up on caffeine and you’ve got a 5,000 word essay due tomorrow, head to these spots for a study sesh that will get your creative juices flowing (but, we take no responsibility if you fail to get your work in on time!).

Cornerstone Bar and Food - Wilson St, Eveleigh

This place is pretty much an extension of your living room, so what better place to get some work done? With comfy, aged-leather chairs and plenty of space to spread out, this café and bar located inside Carriageworks and is usually pretty chilled on weekdays.

Avoid going on the weekends if you’re looking for a quiet space to study as the Eveleigh Markets are on and people swarm into the café for their early morning caffeine hit. At the end (or beginning) of a difficult study session you also have the option of rewarding yourself with a glass of wine or craft beer.

Surry Hills Library – Crown St, Surry Hills

This traditional classic has the appeal of free Wi-Fi and library resources at your fingertips. The space isn’t huge but if you find a little spot it can be perfect for knocking out an assignment while people-watching through the glass walls. Some strange characters often wander in which makes for a good excuse to stop what you’re doing and procrastinate some more.

Head downstairs for more space and less distractions. It’s also open until 9.00pm on Thursdays.

Ampersand Café Bar and Bookstore – Crown St

Located right near Surry Hills Library, you can switch between the two when in need a change of scenery. It has a great upstairs area with big tables that are ideal for working on group assignments. Browse books and sink into a comfy chair with a freshly baked muffin.

Black Star Pastry - The Powerhouse Museum

Take advantage of Black Star Pastry popping up at the Powerhouse and pop in for some study and cake. The café plans to stay open until July and can be accessed at the end of the new Goodsline green walkway. Enjoy free wifi and all the Black Star classics like strawberry watermelon cake with rose scented cream.

MCA Café  - Circular Quay

Wander through the gallery for some inspiration before heading upstairs to the café for a coffee and the ultimate view of Circular Quay. The food may be a little overpriced but the view is definitely better your bedroom wall. There’s also the bonus of free Wi-Fi.

In The Annex - Ross St, Forrest lodge

This is a great little spot to get some reading done over a coffee and cronut. During the week the café has a nice buzz without being too busy and the staff are very friendly and will make you feel at home. The sandwiches come served in lunchboxes so you can pretend mum packed your lunch to give you fuel to study!