Where To Get Yo Doughnuts!

What do you get if a doughnut and a croissant had a love child? A Cronut. A croissant and a muffin? A Cruffin. A doughnut and a lamington? A lamingtonut. Hybrid foods are all the rage, and for a good reason! Here are all the places to get a sweet treat that’s a twist on the original doughnut.

Adriano Zumbo - Various Locations

Adriano was amongst the first to bring the doughnut croissant hybrid to Sydney coining it a Zonut. Every week the whacky pastry chef comes up with a unique flavour to keep you on your toes. Try the carrot cake Zonut, filled with a cream cheese, carrot and orange cremeux and topped with moist carrot cake and crystallised pecans. YUM!

Brewtown - Newtown

Brewtown in Newtown has well and truly jumped on the cronut wagon. They’ve truly mastered the art of the cronut and you can always count on fresh pastries daily. Brewtown has even expanded their selection to include the croissant muffin hybrid, the cruffin! Flavours like dolche de leche, tiramisu, gingerbread and Oreo will keep you salivating and coming back for more. On weekends head straight upstairs to grab your delicious pastries take away and avoid the lines. If you’re feeling particularly decadent try the Elvis Burger that uses a savoury cronut as the bun, a ground beef patty, Canadian bacon, gruyere and mayo served with chips and relish.

Milk Bar by Café Ish - Redfern

Milk Bar by Café Ish is serving up good old doughnuts in a variety of flavours. No hybrid combos here just classic American style doughnuts in flavours like raspberry coconut, choco pistachio and caramel cashew. You’ll feel like a kid again heading down to the milk bar on the corner scoffing a doughnut with a milkshake to wash it all down.

The Grumpy Barista - Petersham

At first grumpynuts doesn’t really sound like something you’d want to eat, but when you see a cabinet full of them you’re bound to start drooling. These cheeky creations are from the guys at The Grumpy Barista in Petersham and are their take on the cronut. You know these are serious when they come served with a syringe full of sweet liquid to pump into the flaky pastry. With flavours like salted caramel and raspberry sherbet these cronuts taste as good as they look!

ACME - Rushcutters Bay

If you’re really committed to your doughnut addiction then head to ACME and check out their desserts.  This little restaurant in Rushcutters Bay is serving up creative Italian dishes with an Asian twist. The desert is where it’s at with sweet potato ice cream and cinnamon doughnuts. The ice-cream is silky smooth and perfectly compliments the cute little pillowy quenelles of doughnut goodness!

Ragamuffin - Leichardt

When you’re craving the delicious taste of a raspberry doughnut but want the soft texture of a muffin, what are you supposed to do?! Firstly you should stop having such specific cravings because they are difficult to fulfil, however this time you’re in luck! Head to Ragamuffin in Leichardt for a raspberry jam doughnut flavoured muffin! These muffins are described as steamed like a dumpling, baked like a pie and they taste like a raspberry doughnut! Genius!

Cremeria De Luca - Five Dock

Cremeria De Luca is most well known for their gelato brioche burgers, but that’s not all they’re good for. Another one of their sweet little treats is called Iris and originates from Palermo and regions of Sicily. The dough is made from sweet yeast similar to doughnuts and comes served hot with various fillings such as custard and Nutella.

Devon Café - Surry Hills

This café has gained its reputation for pumping out some delicious cronnies. If you often feel like a bit of a square peg in a round hole, then get your cronuts from Devon Café because here they make them square! Flavours like pork floss, salted caramel popcorn, passionfruit and coconut, black sesame and red bean guarantee you’ll never get tired of these creations.

Glazed Doughnuts - Online and Various Cafes 

The girls behind Glazed doughnuts have brought their knowledge and love of American food to Sydney, which is great news for doughnut enthusiasts. The handcrafted doughnuts come in unique flavours like banoffee and tiramisu with mascarpone and coffee glaze! They could be found popping up around Sydney cafes but since they gained a cult following they’ve been taking some time off to concoct all your doughnut related dreams. They’ve alluded to stepping up their repertoire to include an ice cream and doughie combo…stay tuned for that! 

By Eliza Ackalnd