Where Do Baristas Drink Coffee?

Sydney’s coffee culture is forever expanding, and is considered to have some of the best brews in the world. Check out our list of cafes are offering up unique blends and specialised methods of brewing coffee. They’re definitely worth checking out!

Brewtown Newtown - 6-8 O’Connell Street, Newtown

Coffee and freshly baked cronuts - how could you resist? Brewtown is serving up unique house brewed coffee with finca coffee beans from Panama. The beautiful blends teamed with the chilled and friendly vibe makes this a great place to catch up with a pal. The long black is truly a memorable coffee experience.

John Smith1 John Street, Waterloo

Located in Waterloo, the cool coffee hub is decked out with wooden furniture and comfy booths - a seriously relaxing place to grab a coffee hit. Sporting Rebel Roasters coffee, theie long black made from a Kenyan blend was incredibly smooth and subtle. Staff are infectiously personable, so it’s the perfect place to start the day and get some work done!

Kingswood CoffeeShop 1, 68 George Street, CBD

Kingswood coffee seems to have one mantra: coffee, coffee, COFFEE! This ambient, hole-in-the-wall café at World Square offers Sensory Lab Steadfast as their milk blend, as well as a monthly guest roaster for their cold drip and filter coffees. From Proud Mary’s to Clement, these guys love to mix it up. The vibrant staff know their coffee, so ditch the instant vending machine on the way to the office and try out Kingswood for your must-have morning brew.  

Harry’s Bondi2/136 Wairoa Ave, Bondi Beach

Harry’s had a facelift, and he looks oh-so-good! With a great beachfront location, Harry’s offers views and fine brews. The kiosk offers up great coffee made with love (Five Senses coffee, to be specific!). Offering various coffee knowledge methods, pastries and meals, this café is the perfect spot for a cuppa and a catch up. 

By Madeleine Hill