What Your Tea Says About You

There is scientific proof that dictates that the tea leaves you choose reflect your personality. Okay maybe not. But how do you match up?

English Breakfast 

You’re an old-school traditionalist who doesn’t deal well with change. You keep it simple and classic and will always choose a bacon and egg roll over Bircher muesli with coconut milk.

Earl Grey 

You are effortlessly classy and always wish you could drink your tea out of a bone china cup and saucer. You wouldn’t say you’re a snob but rather, you “have standards” and shame on anyone who puts sugar in their tea.

Green Tea

Gwyneth Paltrow is your idol and you like to remind people that, “my body is my temple.” You’re outdoorsy and active and cannot imagine anything worse than staying on the couch for an all-day Netflix binge.

Chai Tea

You’re bold and exciting and love to tell people about how amazing your bikram yoga classes are. Your dream is to go backpacking around India with your hipster buddies, meditate and drink chai by the bucket.

Fruity Tea 

You love wandering around in T2 and testing all the flavours but in reality, you’re not really a fan. Just get a juice, mate.