What will they BURGER next?

Just when you think burgers can’t get any more experimental, ALEX&Co.’s newest winter menu addition enters the Sydney food scene.

The Beef, Mac N Cheeseburger is exactly what it promises; a premium beef burger loaded with creamy mac and cheese and sumptuous garnishes and sauces.  It's a stack of juicy Australian beef and crispy-smokey bacon rashes loaded with their Insta-famous cheesy macaroni, topped off with the crispiest shallots and smothered in their famous spiced tomato chutney.

This burger is a modern and more refined take on the American Mid-Western meat mac and cheese casserole.

Adding full-blown flavour to Sydney’s burger scene, you can get stuck into the mac monster at ALEX&Co. and order up sides such as mixed pickles, loaded fries with mushroom sauce, corn cobs, mash, and sautéed kale with garlic and chilli.