WL Kitchen

Washoku Lovers Kitchen

Looking to up your game in Japanese cooking? Here’s your chance for a fast-paced Japanese cooking experience at the illustrious Sydney Seafood School. What better than the Washoku Lovers’ Kitchen with top chef Raita Noda, owner of the smallest fine dining restaurant in Australia?

Learn the art of cooking-up the traditional Japanese Sukiyaki dish using high quality local ingredients (rather than solely from Japanese seasonal produce). Raita Noda demonstrates how to seamlessly transition from traditional to modern, with his own exciting and expert spin on dishes. Enjoy experimenting with a blowtorch, smoking bowls, and setting fire to your sake!

The three-hour lunchtime or dinner event incorporates a demonstration from Raita Noda in a spacious, yet intimate, setting, a cooking class in the top-of-the-range Hands on Kitchen, and lunch of your own making with some added tasty morsels from the chefs.

You can also expect a light and fruity Choya Umeshu welcome drink, served by cheerful staff in traditional Japanese dress, and a sake presentation from Australia's official Sake Ambassador, Andre Bishop. Andre will share the Dassai Sake story with you, before expertly pairing your Sukiyaki meal with three Dassai sakes.

You can be sure your cooking skills will be tested as you make marinades, sashimi, sukiyaki, and tempura, and learn to plate up like a pro. Walk away with a a belly-full of sashimi and sake, and a wagyu-filled goodie bag to try out your skills at home.