Stalked by 
Martyn Reyes

Trent | Newtown

When we caught Trent lurking around streets of Newtown with his mates, we asked him how he would describe his style. He told us he was a “lovely looking fella” whose style is “trendy, funky and chill.”

Trent mastered the reoccurring winter fashion theme of layered, simplistic and monochromatic outfits, adding his own retro street twist to it. He was spotted wearing a black bomber jacket with cuffed black jeans, both scored from his mum’s recent trip to Hawaii. His casual, street ensemble was completed with a black Norse Projects cap and classic low-cut black Converse.

Trent’s favourite thing about his own outfit was his Outkast band-tee, which he managed to grab from a unique online store that supplies retro band merchandise. His proud purchase added a touch of colour to his clean, black outfit. 

What Trent Wore:

Shirt - Band merch

Shoes - Converse

Button Up - Op shop

Jeans and Jacket - Gift from Hawaii

Hat - Norse Projects