Training tips from Tim Robards

On Sunday 12 August more than 80,000 participants are expected to lace up their running shoes and participate in one of Sydney’s most iconic events, The Sun-Herald City2Surf presented by Westpac. 

Amongst those preparing for the world’s largest fun run is City2Surf ambassador, fitness guru and Australia’s original suitor on The Bachelor, Tim Robards. Luckily for those looking for a bit of guidance ahead of the event, Tim has shared his top five tips to help get you to the finish line in Bondi this August.

1. Don’t go too hard too fast

This is an important tip for everyone who is planning on running City2Surf to remember. You need to last the distance and that doesn’t just mean on the day, it also means through your training plan. Try mixing up your training along your journey to City2Surf by doing a slow long distance run one day and a short fast paced session on another day. This will help you to find the right pace for the big day.

2. Conditioning beforehand is essential

Before going into an event like City2Surf you have to train and build yourself up to the pace or distance you’re planning to run. If you’re planning on walking the course, your training might be upping your walking distance slightly each time you train. If you are planning on running then I recommend slowly trying to step up the pace as you build up to 14km.

3. Pay attention to your running style

Getting to know your running style and assessing any weaknesses you may have before a long distance run is essential. Our most natural running style is on our forefoot, something we can forget when we wear joggers. If you find that you’re heel striking too much, try to get back to a mid-foot to forefoot running style.

Whilst joggers are great for protecting your feet and helping you run faster, knowing your running style before a big event will help you avoid injuries down the track, so have a go at running barefoot as part of your training to check out your style. If you are a heel striker, don’t try and change this the week of the race or you may be sorry, this is something that should be slowly conditioned over months.

4. Warm ups are key!

This applies not only on the day but also in your training leading up to City2Surf. You want to make sure you don’t injure yourself so warm ups are important along with good cool downs, plenty of stretching and pacing your training. 

Joint mobilisations, for example rolling ankles through a full range of motions, a few deep squats (bum to heels) and some spinal rotations are great examples of warm-ups. Ballistic warm-ups, for example legs swings and skipping on the spot, are great exercises that can also be done easily on your way to the starting line.

5. Enjoy the journey!

City2Surf is one of my favourite events, and there is such a great energy along the course thanks to all the participants, the music and the general atmosphere from crowds cheering you on. Make sure to soak it all up and use it to propel you along the way. By the time you get down to Bondi the party will be kicking off and you can celebrate getting over the line.

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