Sydney's Craziest Jobs

Often, when we think about working we think about suits, brief cases, and sweating it out nine-to-five Monday to Friday. But so rarely do we take time to consider more unusual professions that occupy a more casual time sheet…. depending, perhaps, on the number of deceased marsupials that day or an urgent demand for a flash mob!

We’ve included a couple of fun, weird, exciting and random jobs that definitely don’t fit any sort of mould….

Flash Mobbing:

You’ve seen it in the movies and yep, it’s true - flash mobbing isn’t just for fun…it’s a job! Defined as ‘A large group of people who gather in a predetermined location, perform some brief action and then quickly disperse’, these individuals work on an event-by-event basis.

If someone wants to stage an elaborate prank, promote a product or create a real-life movie scene, this is the business to call! Could be a great second job and a fun way to break out of routine.

Join the moment here.

Dead Animal Collector

It sounds pretty gruesome, smelly and a little bit sad. But dead animal collecting is a regularly required service. The most common occurrence in Australia is possums and rats, and these dudes can clean it up (respectfully) and clear any odours in a second.

Using techniques such as Ozone generators, this profession can solve any marsupial problem you may have in your home, without causing harm to any others that may be lurking…

Become a domestic hero here.

Pet Spas and Fitness Centres:

Pet spas and gyms are an up and coming trend for Sydney-siders, treating their fluffy companions with the utmost care becoming an increasing priority. Various locations around Sydney include nutritional information, day spas and fitness areas for pooches to pound their paws. Watch out… your pup could become fitter than you! 

Pampered puppies and couture kitties here or here.


Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! This job requires getting up close and personal with deadly claws and soft little paws. From otters to elephants, the variation of wild life at Sydney’s Taronga zoo is endless. Not only do zookeepers care for the animals, but assist in the zoo’s breeding programs for animals such as penguins. It’s an exciting and rewarding job which would undoubtedly require a lot of patience and guts!

Start your Taronga dream here.Happy Job Hunting!