Sydney's Best Warm Desserts

Searching Sydney’s eateries for the best warm desserts to be eaten this winter was not the hardest thing we’ve had to do. Whether you’ve had a sweet tooth craving all day or it’s an after dinner treat these yummy treats will keep you warm all winter.

Hot chocolate walnut brownie from The Winery

Featuring perfectly salted, salted caramel ice cream and almond praline dressed on top, this brownie is on the pricier side, but entirely worth the cash.

Planatos Machos from Mr Moustache

Caramelised Banana. Need we say more? Well it’s served with coffee liquor and warm cajeta, which in Mexico, is otherwise known as a milky caramel. As they describe it, it’s sweet insanity.

Rustic American Apple Pie from Bridge St Garage

As American as anything, Apple Pie is a signature dessert dish that is very hard to get wrong. You know exactly what you’re getting and the amazing feeling of fullness afterwards.

Organic Buckwheat Crepes from Petrol

It was very hard to narrow down the list of the amazing desserts on offer by Petrol. There is also a rhubarb and apple crumble, chocolate pudding and a coconut and mango sago bowl. All delish, all perfect choices!

Quince Crumble from Chiswick

One of our favourite fruits, this delicious crumble includes almonds in almost every form and a incredibly creamy and smooth custard, which we could have easily eaten on its own!

Warm Jasmine Tapioca from Bloodwood

So this one sounds funny in writing, but we promise it tastes better than it sounds. Warm Jasmine Tapioca with pomegranate, white fungus, goji, elderflower and sesame crisps. Taste it to believe the hype!

Warm Baked Apple Brioche from Manta

What is it about apples that go perfectly with warm desserts and winter? Manta couples their baked apple brioche with a very brittle pistachio brittle and cardamom ice cream.

Black Sticky Rice from China Lane

The Asian cuisine doesn’t usually allow for desserts, let alone warm desserts to exist, which is why black sticky rice is still a little bit savoury. It’s the seasonal fruit that’s heaped with it that makes it stand out as a constant favourite.

Sticky Date Pudding from Jones the Grocer

A warm dessert list just wouldn’t be the same without sticky date pudding now would it? Though it’s the simplest thing to make, when you just need that warm butterscotch sauce melting into date pudding, Jones the Grocer has you covered.

Written by Nicole Parker