Stalked by 
Martyn Reyes

Spotted: Amanda & Hannah in Chippendale

Monochromatic clothing is a very popular choice throughout all seasons, and especially in the winter months. People are layering simple tones of black, white or grey combinations to create a minimalistic, basic and timeless look.

Amanda and Hannah’s simple outfits incorporate layers, patterns and warmth. We spotted them at Central Park, about to visit Chippendale’s White Rabbit Gallery. Hannah (pictured left) is currently half way through studying in China for a year, and is in Sydney hanging with best friend, Amanda (pictured right) for a short time before heading back. After a very short time in getting to know the pair, I was able to see that their quirky and fun personalities show through their outfits. 

Amanda compared her style to a jellybean with speckles or like “quail eggs but colourful” - essentially, her outfits are formed by incorporating a foundation colour and little bursts of colour. Her grey coat from Topshop is an excellent winter choice. It looks comfortable, trendy, perfectly oversized and can be warn with anything, The plain palate is continued with her knit purchased from Chinatown and skirt from Uniqlo. Amanda adds a sense of street and fun to her clean ensemble by adding Reebok Ventilator sneakers, paired with baby blue socks and a children’s sized Kanken bag.

Dressed in black and white, Hannah twists the monochromatic look with lots and lots of patterns. Hannah told us that she loves layers because it allows her to add more patterns. She usually enjoys wearing sports brands, however she has mixed it up with monochromatic items, such as her jumper from Monki, skirt from Chinatown and low cut Doc Marten’s. Hannah’s outfit sports the classic black and white look, pulled off by wearing it loose and oversized, exuding a certain smart-cool girl vibe.


Coat - Topshop

Knit - purchased from Chinatown

Shoes - Reebok Ventilators

Bag - Kanken

Skirt - Uniqlo


Jumper - Monki

Shirt - Uniqlo

Skirt - purchased from Chinatown

Bag - Adidas

Shoes - Doc Marten