Single Origin Roasters To Open Cafe In CBD

Surry Hills legends, Single Origin Roasters are about to swing open the doors to their new takeaway café on York Street. The hole-in-the-wall space will bring the food and coffee they're popular for in Surry Hills, right to the middle of the CBD. 

Owners Dion and Emma Cohen say, "It's like a Surry Hills sideshow takeaway bar with extra kick. A small space with great food, specialty coffee, and a big heart."

The menu is created by Single O’s head chef Troy Cotton and will include breakfast dishes with coffee trimmings such as cappuccino rice pudding and their signature banana bread with espresso butter. 

The coffee line up sees their Reservoir blend selected for milk coffees (the Single O house blend, structured, sophisticated, flavours of milk chocolate with citrus overtones). Select single origins will be offered for milk coffees, and are a staple for black espresso and the increasingly popular ‘filter of the week’. 

A standing bar awaits for anyone wishing to enjoy a coffee in-house. “We’re most looking forward to bringing damn fine coffee and food to people who are on the go, and if they want to hang out and explore the world of specialty coffee, it’s all there for the taking.”

Sounds like coffee in the CBD just got a whole lot better!

Single O CBD, 89 York Street, Sydney, Mon-Fri 6.30am – 4pm