The Rubens on Hoops and Everything Else

On Saturday 15th August, The Rubens will make the trip down from Sydney to Thredbo and back to Sydney enthral crowds with their new album ‘Hoops’, which will have just dropped on 7th August. From the soulful slow rock ballad ‘Lay it Down’ to their recent powerful track ‘Hallelujah', the five-piece from Menangle will be providing music-lovers with epic rock anthems and hooks that will stay with them for days.

Answered by Zaac!

Describe your Splendour in the Grass experience in 5 words.

tame, impala, pond, mud, beer

Tell us about your new album, HOOPS. What’s the inspiration and/or story behind it?

I guess this album was inspired by our desire to make a record that sounded a bit more ''mature'' than the first one, because i guess we'd learnt a lot from touring and also recording the first album. We started writing it in a beach house we rented down in Wollongong, then recorded it in New York again with David Kahne. I think this time we knew what we were doing in the studio a bit more, and I like to think you can hear that in the record.

What’s a typical day in the life on the road for The Rubens?

We wake up, eat some food maybe, drive to the gig, sound check, sit around for a few hours or maybe have a walk or a lil nap, maybe have some dinner, play the gig, drink some beer maybe, then sleep, then repeat, that's the basic day, it doesn't sound that glamorous or interesting when you write it down, but it's effing fun.

Do you like Reuban sandwiches? (soz)

I have never actually tried one, they look heinous though, in America they put on a layer of beef about a foot high, google it.

What's your favourite food to eat when doing live gigs in Sydney?

Indian or Thai

Where’s your favourite place to party when doing live gigs in Sydney?

The Bunker in Camden

Thanks Zaac!

Sat 31 Oct Enmore Theatre 
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