Queer Screen tickets on sale now

Queer Screen’s 25th Mardi Gras Film Festival is a celebration of creativity and homage to history, bringing the best and most diverse LGBTIQ content to the big screen.

The festival puts the spotlight on Australian filmmakers, with a retrospective of My Queer Career – Australia’s largest competition for LGBTIQ short films, hosted each Mardi Gras Film Festival by Queer Screen.  For more than two decades, My Queer Career has unearthed the latest and greatest Aussie queer filmmakers.

Ten 'teaser' films were announced this week, including Jade of Death, a supernatural thriller recently awarded Best Drama Series by the International Academy of Web Television. Made with assistance from the Queer Screen Completion Fund, the cast includes rising young star Bernie Van Tiel.

The 2018 Festival will occur in the context of the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Mardi Gras and the aftermath of the Same-Sex Marriage Postal Survey.

Festival director Lisa Rose said: “When these two momentous events collide, what else could we do but shine?”

“Queer Screen’s values – diversity, creativity, inspiration, inclusiveness and pride – have guided us through the last 25 years of producing film festivals for LGBTIQ communities and current circumstances mean they are now more valid than ever," Lisa said.

“We are delighted to be presenting our silver jubilee festival in what we hope will be the year when same-sex marriage becomes law.”

The Queer Screen’s 25th Mardi Gras Film Festival runs from 15 February to 1 March 2018, and the full festival program will be launched on 10 January 2018.  Go to queerscreen.org.au for more info.