Stalked by 
Martyn Reyes

Putting the Street, in High Street

The mixture of high-end clothing and street wear can often be difficult to perfect. In the end, it’s all about finding the right balance. The combination flexes the flashy stiffness of the formal items and  spruces up the relaxed nature of casual pieces.

So in saying that, meet Elle - someone who perfectly executes the high-low combination. Originally from China and studying business management in the Gold Coast, we spotted Elle shopping with her friends at the heart of Sydney’s luxury retailers - Pitt Street.

By hanging a simple black trench over basic wardrobe essentials: a timeless striped shirt from A.P.C and a distressed pair of high-waisted denim jeans, Elle pulled off a look that was practical for the rainy weather without compromising her style.

Elle told us that her style is simplistic, casual and incorporates a lot of black and white items. However this particular ensemble showed us Elle is well aware of current fashion trends, with the oversized winter coat, the beanie and the Adidas superstars. Her Louis Vuitton bag brings together the outfit, showing everyone around her the right way of mix and matching high-low fashion.

All in all, Elle exerts the confidence needed to pull off the formal and casual pairings. When asked about where she draws inspiration for her style, she simply replied with, “what I like, I wear.”

What she wore:

Shirt - A.P.C

Shoes - Adidas Superstars

Bag - Louis Vuitton

Coat and jeans - unknown