Paul Donnelly - Head Chef Ms G's

We got some inside info from one of Merivale’s Head Chefs, Paul Donnelly. We also found out Paul had a crush on Kim Kardashian...nice!

Where does you passion for Asian cuisine come from?

Simple. I just love it - cooking it and eating it!

What’s one dish from Ms G’s that EVERYONE should try?

The Vietnamese steak tartare. It’s on my radar every day… Gotta get that tartare fix!

What gets you all happy in your pants about cooking?

Well, what I am about to say isn’t really cooking, but I love fish. Preparing it, filleting it… When I’m prepping fish, nothing can bother me – I’m in my own tranquil world.

Who was the last person to cook something that made you go “OHMAHFUGGIN…!”?

Well, my homie Zen Jay Ong got me with this liquorice bread at Yellow in Pott’s Point. It’s addictive, moreish, and when I die I want to be wrapped in it.

What’s the one essential item for every domestic kitchen?

Frying pan. If we didn’t have them, how could we have fried eggs? I can’t live without fried eggs.

If you could invite three people to dinner who would they be and why?

Kim Kardashian, Sofia Loren (in her heyday) and probably Chris Tucker. Chris because he is the funniest man alive and well… You can probably guess why I chose the others.

And what would you serve them?

I would probably do Japanese BBQ at home. I would get some David Blackmore wagyu…make baller marinades…get sloshed!

When you aren’t cooking up a storm at Ms G’s, what’s your favourite things to do when you’re out and about in Sydney?

I really love the Burger Project, so I hit that up - my boy Michael Clift and his good lady Josephine Perry always look after me. My girlfriend loves the movies, I reckon I’ve seen every movie…..EVER - so we often do that. I also like to just chill at home on the couch in my undies and watch David Attenborough talk about animals.