New panto is like The Bodyguard (sort of)

If you’re a fan of the Whitney Houston movie The Bodyguard, a new stage show might be just your thing … or so definitely not your thing at all!

The Bodybag: The Panto is a new piece of musical theatre from the mind of Trevor Ashley.

Multi-award-winning superstar Rachel Marinade (Ashley) is one of the most successful entertainers ever to have come runner-up on a singing reality TV show.  But after a spate of creepy “fan mail” it’s clear that Rachel needs protection.  Not only that, after being charged in court for holding a fake driver’s license, so she also needs transport.

Enter ex-ASIO officer and current Uber driver Tank Charmer (Gus Murray).  It’s not only his job to protect her but to get her to her destination with 5 stars.  Who knew they could fall in lust?

With a cast of complicated characters including a bitchy sister (Markesha McCoy), an ab-riddled backup dancer (Heath Keating) and Rachel’s ambitious ten-year-old daughter (Nicholas Craddock), you will hear all the songs you know, like you’ve never heard, or wanted to hear them before.  Expect a plethora of 90’s divas coming down from a coke-fueled bender.

From the creators of FAT SWAN and Little Orphan TrAshley, no one is safe in this wicked and ridiculous send-up. 

The Bodybag: The Panto is at the Playhouse, Sydney Opera House, Wednesday 16 to Wednesday 23 May. Tickets here.