Keep Dry With These Gumboots and Wellies

Wellies, gumboots, rain boots, wellingtons whatever you want to call them, are an unparalleled empowerment to winter commuters, why? Because nothing ruins a day like wet feet! Since its inception in the 19th Century, popularised by the 1st Duke of Wellington (hence the name), Wellies are not only practical for those horrific wet weather days, but have undergone a fashion makeover in recent years to become somewhat a style statement for the modern women. So toss away those farmer Joe look-a-likes, we’ve compiled a few favourite brands, with a fashion twist as your go-to for acceptable welly style during your city commute.


Chances are there’s no living celebrity that doesn’t own a pair of Hunter boots as the latest snaps from Glastonbury 2015 advocate, which is probably what’s made them so damn cool. Admittedly, I’m also an owner of the beloved Hunters, a preferred choice for its minimalistic style that will easy coordinate with a corporate coat, weekend parka or metallic mini dress if you’re Alexa Chung. Widely available from almost anywhere, you can find your next pair at ASOS, The Iconic or


Noteworthy for reimaging the boring welly into something much more eye catching, Joules is the boot of choice for those who love print and pattern. Stripes, polka dots, flowers and even the odd animal splashed across a matte or gloss rubber finish has made these boots iconic and a popular statement accessory for winter. Shop them online at


Stepping up the fashion element of rain boots is Chooka. Designed for those who love sophisticated classics, these wellies are chic with attention to detail made with adjustable straps, fitting an array of calf widths. With knee-high boots, mid-calf boots, booties and flats, there’s a style suitable for all personal preferences. Shop them online at


If you happen to be in the market for $250+ rain boots, then simply go straight to the top for the ultimate in fashion meets English wellies from Burberry. In the price tag’s defence, the combination of luxury fashion design, featuring Burberry’s iconic tartan print and stud embellishments with all the rain boot qualities will see you get the wear out of them, even when it’s not raining.