Instagrammers You Need In Your Feed For July

Last month we saw an explosion of rainbows on Instagram with more than 35 million people participating in the Pride weekend celebrations. It just goes to show that Instagram is an important platform for sharing and connecting people across the world. Check out our pick of Instagrammers of the month sharing their passions and talents. If you are a Sydney Instagrammer that has what it takes to be featured here on Out in Sydney then use the hashtag #outinsydney so we can see your work!

@DJDUMPLING has been featured in our ‘grammers articles before and is also one of our OIS writers. Last month he uploaded a pic that is powerful and prolific. His personal words accompany a striking photo of him wrapped in the rainbow flag with his head held high and a look on his face that seems to say he is capable of everything and anything. All I can say is: ON POINT JUSTIN!!

@LICHIPAN This self-confessed soy latte obsessed Sydneysider is a recent Masters of Architecture graduate. Her Instagram shares her passion for food, travel and photography. Her effortless style portrays a life that seems as if she’s living inside a travel and design magazine that will leave you craving Nutella waffles and holidays to Paris.  

@THISISMOLD It seems to be a trend on Instagram to work with bright colour pallets and everyday objects to create surreal and uncanny creations. @THISISMOLD is the intersection of food and design where bananas turn into toucans and lollipops into lungs.

@EASTERNSUNS Jonathon Collins is the freelance photographer behind this inspiring Instagram account. Nowhere seems off limits to this curious photographer as his Instagram darts between rural Australia, endless oceans, and snowy peaks in Nepal. He’s also a writer so his photos are accompanied by whimsical words.

@THE_WATERCOLOUR_NEWS This clever Instagram is run by a Sydney artist who provides a refreshing take on merging art with politics. Everyday she uploads delicate black and white watercolour painting of excerpts from newspapers. Pairing images of heatwaves in Pakistan and gun control in America to float together on the same page seems to give more power to the stories than ordinary news reporting. 

@SAINTHOAX is a self described PoPlitically incorrect artist whose Instagram is full of pop culture references that leave you unsure whether it’s appropriate to laugh or not. Either way the content is clever, bright and topical and definitely worth a follow. 

@WHOLESOMECOOK This Sydney author of the book The Wholesome Cook due to be released later this year has an Instgram worth drooling over. Her philosophy surrounding food is healthy 90% of the time leaving 10% for indulgence. If her Instagram is anything to go by all her food looks delicious with recipes like French Toast with Smoked Trout and Pesto, and Mouse Cloud Layer Cake. Yum!