A guide to Sydney’s Bakeries

That scent of warm crusty bread. Breaking it apart with your bare hands before slathering on butter and a chunk of cheese. Isn’t that what weekends are all about?

Wild Cockatoo Bakery - 30 Botany Road, Alexandria

Even though it’s located on busy Botany Road in Alexandria, it can be easy to miss. However after taking a few steps in, it’s easy to see it’s an amazing bakery. Baskets overflowing with sourdough, baguettes and fruit loaves.

(no website, you just have to visit!)

Breadfern - 308 Chalmers Street, Redfern

Yum yum yum yum… A pun on Redfern, Breadfern is funnily enough located in Redfern and is a great bakery to consider as a local. They pride themselves on their organic, sustainable and ethically produced breads and pastries.

Rosetta Stone Artisan Bakery - 7/21 Fountain Street, Alexandria

It’s a beautiful feeling when you can see through to a kitchen of a bakery. The smells are so much more richer and stronger and seeing bread being baked brings a warm and fuzzy, homely feeling. Though they bake amazing breads, Rosetta Stone also have a great display full of sweets and pastries.

Sonoma Artisan Sourdough Bakery - 32-44 Birmingham Street, Alexandria

One of the best things about Sonoma Bakery is that they provide their customers with a full ingredient list and nutritional information of what is contained in all their breads and pastries. With bakeries all over Sydney you will never be too far away from great tasting crusty bread.

Brickfields - 206 Cleveland Street, Chippendale

We’re not only a fan of their artisan breads, but of their croissants. Actually, we’d be happy if we had a croissant from Brickfields everyday of the week. With a cafe stocked with Mecca coffee beans and a daily change of the menu, it’s always an exciting visit to Brickfields.

Infinity Sourdough

272 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst

Shop 3, 15a Market Lane, Manly 

178 Oxford Street, Paddington

Even though they have the word sourdough in their name and they make fantastic breads, Infinity Bakery is one of our favourites because of everything else they bake. Cronuts, cinnamon scrolls, scones and full to the brim pies. There is definitely cause for a celebration when visiting.