Eating Gluten Free With Your Normal Friends

Gluten free and feeling deprived of your favourite foods? Feel really annoying and fussy when ordering with your mates? Breakfast, lunch, dinner… it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Many restaurants now cater to the GF crowd, which is quickly becoming a majority!

Here are some specific locations that do an awesome job to make the GFs out there blend in… your allergy free buddies won’t even know the difference….

First Drop Café - 69 Baptist St, Redfern

This café has a seriously diverse menu, with pages and pages of yummy, healthy meals. The omelettes are amazing and a great GF option. Just order one of these bad boys and swap the sourdough for the protein or gluten free bread…

Copo Café - 135 Victoria Rd, Drummoyne

There are many GF options on this Brazilian inspired menu. I find that the meals are so hearty and filling, the accompanying sourdough isn’t even necessary. The Moroccan baked eggs are unreal! If bread is a must-have to your breaky, lunch or dins, Copo also serves The Protein Bread Company protein bread, which is a low calorie bread alternative.

Flying Fajita Sisters - 65 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe

Holy guacamole! Mexican food happens to be so gluten free it’s not funny! All about corn and rice, the fajita sisters are very GF friendly. Enchiladas, tacos, nachos and more, it’s a great spot to take your mates. Maybe with some sangria or a little tequila, you’ll leave feeling full and satisfied, with a serious taste of Mexico. ¡Olé!

Fleetwood Macchiato - 43 Erskineville Road, Erskineville

As far as mixing veggies, herbs and ingredients goes, these guys have nailed it! With some really original combinations, the menu is warm and hearty, and provides many GF alternatives. Ranging from puffed amaranth to tapioca loaf, the menu caters for gluten free’ers AND lovers. The coffee is phenomenal too. Another incentive to visit the Erskineville café… plus, the name is awesome, too!

The common factor between these venues is they provide more on their menu than just a gluten free bread option. They are finding innovative ways to incorporate GF friendly ingredients to their menus, as gluten free becomes increasingly recognised as a healthier meal option and aids digestion of foods.

So don’t dread your breakie or dinner catch- ups. Suggest one of these spots to please everyone… Gluten Frees or ‘normals’!

By Madeleine Hill