Brick Lane: new casual dinner hangout


Double Bay has recently received the addition of another great restaurant, Brick Lane. Open from Wednesday through to Sunday, Brick Lane offers an urban New York loft vibe, with a focus on classic steaks and burgers.


With the collaboration a remarkable group of individuals including owner Scott Robertson, head chef Drew Bolton and creator of its outstanding cocktail list, Jason Crawley, Brick Lane is certain to deliver a high quality dining experience. 


The primary aim of Brick Lane is to create a venue in which people enjoy hanging out at on a regular basis whether that be for dinner, lunch or a few drinks out with their friends. With high ceilings, exposed brick walls, neon lights, artworks and a funky outdoor terrace, the décor projects a vibrant, fun and buzzing atmosphere.


Both owner Scott and Drew had big visions for the Brick Lane menu. The food selection aims to serve casual, classic food but at a high standard, featuring steaks, burgers and hotdogs just to name a few.


Drew has been heavily involved in the process of sourcing meat for a long time, which includes the treatment of animals, their diet and the way in which they’re raised. His passion for this is reflected on the menu of Brick Lane, featuring meals made from grass fed cows.


Open for dinner Wednesday to Sunday and lunch Friday through to the weekend, Brick Lane provides Double Bay with the venue its been lacking; producing an exciting eatery with an urban city-like feel.


Brick Lane

3 Goldman Lane, Double Bay

Image sourced from Brick Lane Facebook.