Are These The Next Foodie Trends For Sydney?

Each year, a new breed of food reigns supreme over our local cafes and eateries. Our pallets welcome the fresh intake of flavour with open arms, as the whole city eagerly discovers the new and hottest food trends of the year.

The humble bowl of pho and the authentic Mexican taco took over our eating-houses and mouths with fury in most recent years, so what lies ahead for the rest of 2015? Take a bite of the up and coming food trends of this year so far.


Alongside the rise of the hipster, the health train has caught steam and has seemingly taken over our city. But tired of the boring, flavourless dishes we so often associate with the raw food movement, a new breed of raw has developed in the form of healthy junk food.

This new food crusade spins their take on beloved classics like caramel slices, chocolate milkshakes and even cheesecake – allowing you to enjoy your favourite decadent treats without the guilt!

Check: Sadhana Kitchen - Its an organic and raw wholefoods café creating uber delicious food that leaves you questioning whether it’s really raw!
147 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW 2042


The finely ground, premium green tea powder is becoming immensely popular and there’s no surprise why.  Although simple in its origins, its recent rise to fame is a testament to its many diverse uses. Think: matcha cappuccino, matcha frappe, matcha softserve and matcha cake. Convinced yet?

It's the delicate earthy flavour paired with a lingering sweetness that has attracted the crowds. Not to mention, matcha green tea has many health benefits including stress reduction and immune boosting. Trust us, you’ll be feeling ‘matcha’ love for this humble Japanese tea at first sip/bite/slurp/taste!

Check out: Chanoma – the self proclaimed Japenese Matcha experts!
1/501 George St, Sydney NSW 2000


From sushi to matcha, Japanese cuisine is undeniably a hit with the Aussies, so there’s no surprise this new food trend to watch is taking over. Drawing inspiration from Japanese street food, the Yakitori sensation is all about serving skewered food, from meat to vegetables to seafood, alongside a long list of alcoholic drinks.

Check: Goros - They offer a yakitori roulette challenge involving wasabi. You won’t be disappointed!
84-86 Mary St, Surry Hills NSW 2010


If your Instagram feed hasn’t been inundated with an overload of soft serve images lately, then you most likely have been living under a rock.  Transforming from the delicious treat once found at McDonalds for only 30c, the revolutionary softserve has made its way back into our mouths in much more glamorous forms.

What’s not to love about the humble ice-cream? From its silky smooth texture to its creative flavours, the soft serve is a refreshing change from the overload of gelato offerings the city already boasts.

Check: Aqua S – Serving up the best looking, tasting and most inventive soft serve in Sydney.
501 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

By Justin Katz