All Gloved up

I love wearing gloves. In fact, when I drive I wear gloves - 'driving gloves’. Who would of thought that you would have to carefully consider what style and fabric to get? Who am I kidding? Just collect them all!

You can’t go past a pair of leather gloves. You will never be disappointed and they will last you a lifetime if you take care of them.

The styles that we have our hand in are:

1. Leather

2. Biker (Low cut out)

3. Fingerless

4. Knitted

5. Fabric

Fabric and knitted gloves are great because there is a lot of movement in them. They are even better if they are fingerless as you can type while using your phone. When buying leather gloves make sure they aren’t too tight - you want to be able to move freely. The last pair that I bought were too tight and my engagement ring keeps getting caught - lessons learnt.

Overall, I suggest getting a few pairs in different styles to mix up your textures and your edginess. I, for one, sure love to pretend to be tough, so hearing the sounds of the leather as I make a fist gives me that tough feeling!

Peace and leather,

Janette Lenk X