6 Of Our Favourite Hatted Venues...Expensive Taste

The creme de la creme. The piece de la resistance. The ultimate meals. The ultimate restaurants. Sydney has some truly exquisite restaurants and dining experiences available and some of the most amazing have been awarded prestigious hats. These are our favourite, and most expensive…

Quay - Circular Quay (3 Hats)

Easily the most recognisable restaurant as it sits on its perch at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in the Rocks. While already a famous restaurant, Head Chef Peter Gilmore’s ‘Snow Egg’ debut on MasterChef in 2009 brought about a new generation of diners. To get the best of what Quay has to offer order the Tasting Menu. Dish after dish of beautiful food will make paying the bill much easier.

Sepia - Darling Park (3 Hats)

Located in Darling Park, Sepia is a rollercoaster of flavours, textures and lovers of fish. Head Chef Martin Benn has collaborated with De Costi Seafoods to bring its patrons the freshest and tastiest fish from around the world.

Rockpool Est. 1989 - Bridge St, CBD (3 Hats)
Rockpool Bar & Grill - Hunter St, CBD(2 Hats)

Sydney is proud to host not one, but two Rockpool restaurants. Rockpool Est. 1989 in Bridge Street is the finer of the two. Rockpool Bar & Grill is located on Hunter Street and has a menu any meateater would drool at. Using wood fires, smoke and charcoal are ways the Rockpool Group get the best flavour from their foods.

Momofuku Seiobo

We are so privileged that Sydney is the only city in the world to host a Momofuku restaurant outside of New York City. Their menu’s are purely tasting menus and change quite regularly. Australian ingredients and our diverse food culture is something that features quite heavily in their menus.

Pilu at Freshwater - Moore Rd, Freshwater (2 Hats)

Heading outside the city to the Northern Beaches, Pilu at Freshwater brings the flavours of Italy, Spain and the ancient Arab and Phoenicians worlds to life. That being said, their lime and buttermilk mousse with caramelised figs and olive oil crumble is something that we had our eye on, and it did not disappoint!

Written by Nicole Parker