5 Great Places for Brunch in Surry Hills

Whether it’s due to the appeal of sleeping-in or combining two meals into one, brunch is the perfect replacement for the traditional breakfast and lunch outing, and fast becoming the ideal dining experience for catch-ups with family and friends. With its plethora of cafes and restaurants, Surry Hills has become the real food capital of Sydney. Here are just 5 places you can count on to excel in making a delicious brunch for any occasion.


Devon Café

76 Devonshire St

Located in the heart of Surry Hills, Devon Café is the perfect place to drop by for a spot of brunch. For those looking for a quick dine-and-dash there’s a selection of toasted breads available. If you’re in the mood for something a little more filling, the grand sausage, croquette and crackling combo that is the Porky Pig is sure to hit the spot.


359 Crown St

With a multitude of dishes on offer, you can count on Bills to leave everybody content at the end of their brunching expedition. If the amount of choice is too overwhelming, all the classics are great, particularly the sweet corn fritters with roast tomato, spinach and bacon which are a real highlight of the menu.

Le Monde Café

83 Foveaux St

Le Monde is a brunch icon in Surry Hills and it’s no wonder with their extensive menu that adds even more flavor to all your favourites. It’s worth checking out the specials board when you visit and be prepared to have food envy of whatever your fellow diners order because every dish is sure to impress. The bruschetta is a must!

Rustic Pearl

415 Crown St

Best for a more intimate brunch, this busy little café is sure to impress with its Turkish inspired menu peppered with unique and invigorating tastes. The Bosphorus Benedict featuring poached eggs and lobster is the clear standout of the eggs benedict dishes and should definitely be on the top of your list of things to try on your first visit.

Single Origin Roasters  

60-64 Reservoir St

Perfect if you’re looking for a quick brunch and beverage, Single Origin Roasters are known for their extensive selection of tea and coffee. For those looking for something sweet, the toasted banana bread is delicious, otherwise the toast with avocado, coriander, feta and lime is perfect for more of a savory taste.