10 Ways to Piss a Bartender Off

We all like a night out, but unfortunately as the drinks get flowing, some people can ruin the fun for those behind the bar. To avoid being one of those people, read this list for some bar etiquette tips.

1. Clicking your fingers/shouting/banging on the bar to get their attention

This is just plain rude. Bartenders aren’t your servants; if anything they have the power and will just keep ignoring you.

2. Push in front of someone who has been waiting for ages

First in, first served is the motto. There is no need for aggression.

3. Complain that your drink isn’t strong enough or that it’s too strong

Chances are, your bartender knows what they’re doing. If you think you can do a better job, get a job as a bartender. Now get out.

4. Or worse, tell them how to make it

See above.

5. When you complain about the price

This is Sydney. If you’re going to complain about a cocktail costing $20, you need to either accept it or move to another city.

6. Try to strike up a conversation when there is a crowd behind you

Seriously, this isn’t the time or place. Go and make some friends with one of the many people behind you.

7. Leaving rubbish on the bar

Whether you’re ripping up napkins and coasters or chewing straws and leaving them at the bar, no one wants to clean up your spit-covered mess.

8. Ordering a drink and then disappearing

Bar ghosting is fine if you’ve already paid, but if the drink’s been made and you’ve run off, it’s down to the bartender to pay for it. And they don’t come cheap (see number 5).

9. Emptying the contents of your bag or pockets onto the bar

Keep your stuff to yourself. The bar is for drinks, not your wallet, phone, keys, half-eaten snacks and whatever else you like to carry around.

10. Asking for free shots because “It’s my birthdayyyyyy!”

If you’re drunk, you won’t be getting any more. Sorry, it’s the law.